Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Brief Update

To all three of you who follow this I am not dead. Life gets the best of you especially when you are more politically minded and active in your community to defend the safety of your own home town and state.

Recently my family has been helping out our local candidates for positions within the community and county, for school and education boards, and even the State Supreme Court. We helped with campaigns and calls, tending to this as well as College and my family forces me to break away from the blogging world.

I am back, but not as often. I will post, as much as I can attempt.

But, I am not dead.
Brain dead? Maybe. Defending Liberty? Yes.

P.S. The pic of my yougest daughter, Mishka Tatjanna, at the local FDL Tea Party. I stole the pic from the FDL

Monday, March 9, 2009

Return from the Dead

Well, my PC died. Along with my PC so did my grades for my online class as I was unable to get everything accomplished and some files were lost I was not able to turn in on time. Joy of joys is this beginning to seem like work! I never thought college could be such a strenuous labor- grades and such- you would think if all of the people we know who got degrees coud do it, why can't I ge through this with ease? yes I am being fecitious.

Anyways, I am back, full time and everything, new classes and new approaches. uch like Max headroom I feel out of place in a new and adventurous world which I feel out of touch with. Maybe that is the best thing for me, to be out of touch enough to maintain some sort of coherency in this diabolical society we call normal. Actually to think of it I probably am in a good place to be actually- outside look in only to pity that which so many are caught up in of no importance.

But, I am back. And no, I am still not smoking. Its been three months now. Yes, I still want a cigarette. No I will not have one.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Fat Capitalist

Well, I wanted to keep this place more of my own place free of the political tirades of partisan rantings, but this was to no avail. So I made The Fat Capitalist. To visit it you can click on the link I made to it to the right. I only made a rant post for right now but with our current President in office I am sure we all will have some more to add to the pot. SO from now on my polit6ical rants wil be there while I keep this place more in tune of a personal and religious share-happy place free of Satanic zealots who want us to kill babies like we have in political offices nationwide, mostly in Washington DC.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Stimulus Joke, I mean, Plan

For the last few days our home has been bombarded with political discussions mostly on the topic of the incredible stimulus package brought before the House and Senate this last week. We have seen everything from Dick Durbin to Nancy Pelosi to President Obama himself come forth and express how this package is the best thing to come to us since the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Heck, its even better than the discovery of almighty chocolate! And of course this stimulus package must not only have bi-partisan approval but it must go through period, otherwise the end of the world is going to happen. Or even worse than that- San Francisco is going to have more things to complain about if this does not go through, oh noes!

Now not to get into a serious rant here but did anyone else's butt cheeks tighten everytime Obama or Pelosi mention that this current economic problem was caused by W. Bush and his economic policies? I thought it had to do with a Democrat ran Senate and House who forced banks to give loans to people who did not qualify. Did anyone else feel the urge to throw a brick at the television when Obama or Pelosi mention that tax breaks for everyone are not the answer to solving this economic volcano we are sitting on? I thought historically Reagan proved that during an economic slump we should get the government out of the business of the economy and lower taxes on everyone. Did anyone else want to vomit chicken soup from a second story floor onto a large crowd of Shriner's on tricycles everytime Obama and Pelosi mentioned anything about an economic stimulus plan in the same sentence as spending billions of dollars on dog parks, renovating the commerce department, dump cash at researching STD's and purchasing hybrid cars for the government? I thought FDR made it clear that throwing cash into politician's committees causes the government to not only overinflate the dollar but also bring us deeper in debt and fails to solve anything except raise the public's own suicide statistics.

I did not vote for the Messiah, Barak Obama. But what I have witnessed this week is a man not only grasping for straws but a man who failed at helping those in a time of need, like the state of emergency for those who have been without power for days, those who have died in the latest freak weather storms in states who have declared a state of emergency and have been pleading for some security from the President whom they voted into office. I think human lives are more important than any bill in Congress or Senate. I have also seen a man who has failed to bring two parties together, especially by isolating himself further into his own party and failing to even acknowledge the fact that rewriting the history of the last eight years into an economic disaster, which the last eight year was not at all an economic failure, really shows horrible leadership and a superiority complex that he holds himself to be above the normal man. If he sits on the toilet like the rest of us and has gas on occsasion, he is no better than me or my old dog.

Obama is supposed to work for us, serve us and be a representative for me and you. Sadly Nancy Pelosi does represent Northern California so I cannot say anything there except that Northern California should never enforce its virews on anyone else except its own citizens. Leave me alone, Nancy. So far Obama has only shown that he is a man of his own agenda and a puppet for his Party by giving his own party every demand they have asked for in our tax money. Sadly I am having to face the facts about this guy, that he is never going to represent anything I personally stand for, which saddens me even further as I have to pretty much disappear off the political radar as I cannot stomach much more of this. I want action, or impeachment- whichever comes first. He either changes his policies or he needs to get kicked from office. After all he only won on 54%. The rest of us 46% have no representation while he dines in our White House while our tax dollars now go overseas to abortion clinics from my Orthodox Christian pro-life pocketbook.

People, wake up for once and realize this is the time for change. We need to change the direction of our parties and make for us the country we were intended to have; a free nation; a nation founded on the principles of Liberty, a laissez faire, non-interventionist government, economic state for prosperity and the rights to succeed in your endeavors and the rights to fail and pick yourself back up again if you do- and no intervention from anyone trying to make it "fair for everyone" as nowhere in the universe is life "fair and balanced" for everyone, except on Fox news.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thieves I Tell You! Thieves!

This thought just occurred to me: We use banks in our daily lives to keep our money safe and to ensure that we have it for our future by setting up Savings Accounts in them to collect interest. But yet they charge us for checks, maintenance fees, cards that are lost or stolen, charge if we have a below minimum amount in our savings and some even go so far as to have annual fees from the time you opened your account. There are also overdraft protection fees paid monthly, other transfer fees if using another facility's ATM machine, account deactivation fees if you switch your account a newer one from your previous one if not within a year of your opening, and of course the lovely "no previous bank in the lat year? Lets check your credit then" approach which nails you with more fees because you are considered a high risk client.

Fact is, banks are robbers of your money. They steal more from us than our mattresses. Also what does my credit report have anything to do with my current check in my hand I want to deposit into your bank for your grubby hands to spend it while I am not looking on more doctored up fees to squeeze this poor kikel kraut cracker of an injun out of his last cent he needs for Mishka diapers? Banks are just as bad as robbers.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Flooding of Apartment #1

Late Wednesday night I got up from the computer after doing most of my school projects this week to a wet floor in my kitchen. I was craving orange juice and decided to follow through with this carnal passion for the delectable fruit drink. I was baffled as to where this water was cming from so I checked under the sink, the dishwasher and as soon as I stood up I called for Kyra to come and take a look. Whehn she arrived to the kitchen only to see that the water was rushing from the dining room, she told me that outside our apartment door in the hallway it sounded like a waterfall.

When Kyra and I opened the door to the main hallway, sure enough it was flooded beyond belief. One of our two water heaters decided to blow out and flood the bottom floor. We live on the bottom floor. This is not good. So all day today I have been pounding away at moving furniture, ruined boxes in our closets and tossing out old mementos from letters to journals to baptismal cards for our girls we stored in nice boxes now soaked through. Sad really, but at least everything else is safe.

So we survived the last flood we had in April of last year only to get hit with a man-made one in our apartment. And the funny part of it is we are still having to deal with people coming in and tending to fixing this up since we already had everything cleared in less than a day to have them come in and clean it up. I am already sick of the wet carpet smell already.

Life goes on though. At least my wife and I were there dealing with it together. It was a nice time to be with her even though the situation was not a good one. I love her dearly and the fact that she helped out while pregnant and feeling horrible really showed her love. Sometimes in the midst of the poo life throws at us its good to have your wife right next to you on the journey at every step.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why Me? Oh Lord- Why Me?!

Why is it that something bizarre I may have studied in the past always comes back to bite me on the butt in one form or another? Today one of my associates here in Wisconsin decided to meet me locally at one of the local Christian coffee houses for a cup of joe to discuss some new revelation he has had while visiting some of the local churches. He had nothing bad to say at least until we actually began the serious discussion.

He opened up first with the formal greetings, then the informal chit-chat about how things have been going. He is well aware that the flu has run through my home and that I am recently over it, hopefully not giving it to everyone seated near us or him. But to carry this conversation further he opened up to me about how he has come across some explanations for some the current catastrophes which have been occurring lately and how this is tied in to the end of the world. As I hear this, I begin to twitch in my leg and my right eye. I ask him to go on. Sadly he did.

My associate decided to explain to me about the Annunaki and how he believes that the Nephilim are returning to Earth from the planet Nibiri which is on its way back to our Solar System. I stared blankly at first, not believing that anyone would actually accept the writings of Sitchin as fact. Seriously, Sitchin only has a degree in Economics, not Ancient Sumerian Linguisitcs. I will explain what the Annunaki are by the way so you don't have to look up horribly made websites of lame alien depictions carved out on rock faces and statues. The only one you need to see is the one I put up at the beginning of this rant so you can kind of understand where this is going.

The Annunaki, according to Sitchin, are the race of aliens from the planet Nibiru whom we know here on Earth as the Nephilim from Genesis 6:1-4. The planet Nibiru is on an elliptical orbit around our sun and a burned out sun known as Tartarus. Nibiiru comes around every 3,600 years into our solar system. Nibiru is the supposed Planet X, the 12th Planet, and other mysterious names whic make it sound creepy, spooky and corny. Sitchin states that one of Nibiru's moons collided with another planet, the 4th planet in our solar system called Tiamat, which created the asteroid field and threw off a piece of Tiamat into another orbit which we reside on now known as Earth. The Annunaki, who are of course much smarter and more develped than we are have created our society, religion and our lives. Sitchin says that we have been manipulated by the Annunaki since the very beginning of our existence and every bit of our faiths have been infiltrated by them. Sacred Scriptures have been created, or doctored up by them to throw us off from thier plans. The Hebrew Old Testament has been altered from its original form as well as the Christian New Testament have not been kept unscathed by the Annunaki. And now, according to Sitchin, the current weather changes on Earth which we are blindly blaming on Global Warming are actually being caused by the return of Nibiru, the mysterious Planet X. Along with the return of the planet is also the second coming of Jesus, the return of the Nephilim and the destruction of the world.

As he told me this as I sat as quiet as I could, a task hard for me to do and I have given it over to Him as my burden and my Cross, he asked me what I though about this, as serious as he could have been. I gave him a calm response, as cool as I could be. He was shocked that I knew who Sitchin is and that I knew about the Annunaki, Nibiru, the Nephilim and the Sumerian religions. I explained it to him that I already studied this up a while ago and that I found several flaws to this extreme, speculative theory of Sitchin's. I told him that Sitchin's attempt at translating ancient Sumerian text has been debunked by the best scholars in the field and that Astronomers, Physicists and Professors worldwide consider Sitchin a kook. I explained that no one in their field has supported any of his works, his ideas and that they have looked into his work to try and see if any of his work is legitimate but nothing has come to show anything substantial or even valid. Nothing has been shown scientifically to have any value. My associate of course disagreed, but with no rebuttal.

Now my associate knew I have read up on Christianity but he was surprised that I knew anything about this topic. I told him that I was a master at one time of 101 useless facts. He asked me to explain so I told him my little tale-

Now many of you know that I read alot on other faiths for many years simply because I always enjoyed learning why people believe what they believe. Some of you even know that I went through an Agnostic phase during the 1990's where I traversed my own (lack of) faith looking for an answers- answers as to why I believed what I supposedly professed to believe and of course this led me to question my own faith in a serious light. During this time I looked into everything, immersing myself into things most people have no clue exists or let alone could pronounce. The Annunaki and Sitchin being something I crossed by in my studies and research was definitely not something I could seriously believe in simply because wearing a tinfoil hat in some end of the world cult does not sound remotely plausible.

Near the end of our conversation with my associate I felt saddened that he went from being a Jehovah's Witness to an Evangelical Christian to now an obscure Sitchin-reading, tinfoil hat-wearing, zealous, conspiracy fanatic. He is such a nice guy- but man, can I draw out the best of them! Why- or how- or what attracts them to me, these obscure, bizarre and outright kooky conspiracy people? Why do I attract those who always have some strange cult-like belief or who are outright nutcases- these alien abducted vegans from Alpha Centauri, recycled-soul-carrying whack jobs with aluminum hats and their own translation of the Ceti Bible they translated while in a trance with Joan of Arc, Joan Jet, or Joan Collins? Why me, Oh Lord of Heaven? Why Me?!